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Russia Missile Launch At Ukraine

Russia Unleashes Missiles: Ukraine Says Most Shot Down.

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Russia launched a barrage of missiles at Ukraine Energy Grid on Monday destroying several regions targeting civilian infrastructure.
Ukrainian Air Defence System fired into the air of almost all the parts of the nation but not all were intercepted as regarded of being damaged on grounds of electrical systems. For massive launching of missile Ukrainians headed for bomb shelters in Kyiv and other cities.
President of Ukraine Zelensky addressed the nation to support both the military and utility workers on grounds of protection.
“Air defence shot down most of the rockets and energy workers already started to restore electricity” stated Ukrainian President Zelensky. The missile strike occured hours after explosion were reported at two military bases deep in Russia including Ukraine as a stage for aircraft attack. A New York Times reporter in South of Kyiv saw a cruise missile in flight travelling towards capital. Ukraine’s National Energy Company Ukrenergo said on Facebook that a “mass missile attack ” had damaged the electrical facilities of Ukraine.

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