‘Say No To War’- Russian salad is off menu in Kerala

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Russian salad is off menu in Kerala for showing humbleness for the Ukrainian people. The owner of the café, named Edgar Pinto said, that being an art lover he believes in freedom of expression, so this was one way they thought to protest Russian invasion of Ukraine. Edgar Pinto also mentioned that he wanted to stand against the horrible attacks that being carried out by the Russians on the innocent people of Ukraine, while talking to Indian express. “In solidarity with people of Ukraine, we have removed Russian salad from our menu”, the owner said. The message posted outside the Kashi art café and gallery in Fort Kochi. Pinto admitted that he didn’t expect that café’s humble effort would get such a viral response.

He also made it clear that this is not any kind of publicity. They simply wanted to ‘say no to war’. Some people felt ridiculous, boycotting everything Russian, while some others supported the move. Reacting against such criticism Pinto said, that hating the Russian people was not their motive nor spreading any wrong message against them. They just stand against the policy in question, which led to the deaths of several innocent people. He added, that Russian salad is a simple salad, invented by Americans. It can be served with a different name and people may not notice, he added with a giggle. Pinto the owner of the café, was very glad about the message gaining attraction. He doesn’t want that the message get  misinterpreted and hopes that people understand the politics behind what , he said.

Across the world, every small and large countries are trying to support Ukraine, by protesting against the brutal invasion of Russia. Many supermarket chains across Europe and US pulled foods and drinks out off the shelves. Even Mc Donald’s are temporarily closed along with 850 restaurants in Russia.

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