SC of Pakistan gives a major set back to Imran Khan

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Amid of the on going political turmoil in Pakistan, the Supreme Court of Pakistan has given a major set back to the plans of PM Imran Khan. Recently after the No Confidence motion was tabled in Pakistan’s National Assembly, the clouds of dangers on the seat of Imran Khan due to loss of majority was clearly visible.

However the speaker of the house Quasim Suri didnt allow the assembly to even vote, rejecting the motion against Imran Khan, on justification of foreign conspiracy to destabilize the present government under Article 5 of the Constitution of Pakistan. Later on advise of the Khan, Pakistan’s President Arif Alvi dissolved the National Assembly appointing Imran Khan as the care taker PM of Pakistan till the results of the fresh election.

Whereas on the other side as response the collation formed by the opposition parties moved to SC as the dissolve of the assembly is unconstitutional and Imran Khan must be prosecuted under Article 6 of constitution of Pakistan.

Thus the five judge bench of the SC of the Pakistan has voted with absolute majority of all five judges that what has been done by the sitting government is unconstitutional and the assembly must be resolved as soon as possible. Thus the new collation will be invited to prove their majority and Pakistan will be looking forward its new prime minister Shahbaz Sharif till the election in 2023.

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