A couple attempted suicide at a Kolkata metro station . Image source:- India Today

Services Disrupted as a Couple Jumps in Front of Kolkata Metro

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Kolkata , June 3, In a startling incident that unfolded today at Noapara Metro station in Kolkata, a couple miraculously survived after intentionally jumping in front of an oncoming train. The incident, which occurred during the evening rush hour at around 6:35 pm caused major disruptions in Metro services as authorities worked swiftly to respond to the emergency.

Eyewitnesses at the scene reported that the couple, identified as Rajesh Sharma (32) and Reena Sharma (28), leaped onto the tracks just moments before the approaching train. Metro passengers and station staff were left in shock as the train came to an abrupt halt to avoid a tragic collision.

Rescue teams and Metro authorities acted swiftly, with personnel evacuating the train and rushing to the aid of the distressed couple. Miraculously, both Rajesh and Reena Sharma were found conscious and breathing despite the harrowing incident. They were immediately provided medical attention by the paramedics present at the scene.

The couple was subsequently rushed to a nearby hospital for further evaluation and treatment. Reports suggest that they sustained minor injuries from the impact and are currently in stable condition. Doctors are closely monitoring their physical and mental well-being as they recover from the traumatic event.

The motive behind the couple’s desperate act remains unknown at this time, and investigators are working to determine the circumstances leading up to the incident. Police officials have stated that they will be conducting a thorough investigation to uncover any potential underlying issues or causes that may have compelled the couple to take such extreme measures.

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