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“Shiva! Shiva!”- inspired by real life interactions?

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Brahmastra, everyone has something to say about it. Some people laud the film for the spectacular VFX it offers and acknowledge that this film is a step in the right direction in Bollywood reinventing itself where it can produce films on Indigenous stories and events gelled together in a universe format. But everything has not been all sunshine and rainbows for this massive film. People have taken criticism to the dialogues present and how the overall writing was below par.

An influencer posted a video of herself mimicking Alia Bhatt and showed how the word “Shiva” was overused by her character in the film. This has been a point of tremendous criticism and something on which the audiences have latched on and made great fun of. Since the release of the hyped movie netizens have not been shying away from making memes on this writing gone wrong. This blunder caused unintentional comedy and now Alia Bhatt has finally reacted to it in a recent interview, thanks to the artist “Chandni Music” on Instagram who did a mimicry video on the subject. The actress appreciated the mimicry by calling it outstanding. In the same Interview Ayan Mukherjee, Brahmastras director tried to offer some sort of justification for the writing choice by stating, “People are making fun of it. I think when I talk, I keep talking people’s names a lot, this is my habit. So that stayed in the script and came in the film as well”. Ranbir Kapoor said that him and Alia were sceptical about having to utter each other’s name so much but the director was very particular in what he wanted and insisted that when people are in love they enjoy saying each other’s name.

The film was released on September 9 and is the first part (Part 1- Shiva) of a planned triology.

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