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Shocker in Madhya Pradesh: 3 Policemen suspended after dragging a woman onto a car’s bonnet while she was attempting to save her son

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After a video showed three police officers travelling with a woman on the bonnet of their car after fleeing a drug bust operation in Madhya Pradesh’s Narisinghpur district went viral, the cops were suspended.

According to reports, the incident happened on Monday night, and the SP intervened when the video went viral on Tuesday.

Anil Ajmeria, Sanjay Suryavanshi, and Constable Neeraj Dehria were deployed by the police after receiving information about smack dealing in the vicinity, a police officer said.

Sonu Kahar, a suspected drug smuggler, was arrested when the squad searched his home and found 20 grammes of cocaine worth about three lakh rupees.

The accused’s mother, Mohini Kahar, came at the scene and objected to her son being detained. The mom took a position on the car bonnet and demanded that her kid be released while the officers sought to depart the area.

When the policemen couldn’t persuade the woman, they drove a short distance to the police station as the woman hung from the car’s hood. A senior police officer was questioned about the event and stated, “Despite our best efforts, the woman was not listening, and there was a crowd forming at the scene. Due to the overall law and order situation, the police had to leave the site.

Bystanders captured the incident on camera and posted the footage on social media, where it swiftly gained popularity. In response, the Narsinghpur SP suspended the accused policemen and started a departmental investigation.

“In the case, three of these policemen were suspended, and a departmental investigation was mandated. According to the established laws and regulations, appropriate action will be taken against the accused police if the allegations are proven true during the investigation, the officer stated.

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