Delhi murder: On video, girl, 16, stabbed 20 times, bludgeoned to death by boyfriend; accused arrested; Image source:; Image credit: Alok Arjun Singh/Twitter

Silent Spectators: Delhi Teen’s Horrific Murder Exposes Society’s Apathy and Dieing Humanity

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May 29, 2023, New Delhi; In a heart-wrenching incident that unfolded in broad daylight yesterday(Sunday), a 16-year-old girl became the victim of a chilling murder on a busy street in North Delhi’s Rohini. The horrifying act, captured on CCTV, has left viewers shocked and horrified, not only by the brutal and inhumane crime itself but also by the callousness displayed by those present. As the girl’s life was being taken away, her desperate pleas for help fell on deaf ears, leaving her to suffer in vain, while the onlookers chose to be blind and silent, complicit in their own apathy.

Preliminary investigations have revealed that the girl was on her way to a birthday celebration for a friend’s son when she was brutally attacked in the Shahbad Dairy area by her alleged boyfriend Sahil(20), with whom she had reportedly quarreled the previous evening.

The subsequent events are difficult to put into words, as the harrowing reality of the incident is beyond comprehension. Ignoring the girl’s desperate cries and pleas for help, the assailant mercilessly stabbed her with a knife, repeatedly and without remorse. When the blade momentarily became lodged in the girl’s body, forcing the attacker to shake it loose, he resorted to using a heavy stone slab to bludgeon her repeatedly. This horrifying sequence of events leaves no doubt that his actions were driven by more than mere momentary rage.

The girl’s parents now face an unimaginable tragedy, their lives forever shattered by the loss of their beloved daughter. The anguish they must endure, the helplessness and guilt they bear, are compounded by the visual description of their child’s final moments and the realization that they were unable to protect her. It is a pain that no parent should ever have to endure.

As news of this traumatizing incident continues to spread, voices of outrage and demands for justice are beginning to resonate across the nation. Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s condemnation highlights the urgent need for improved law and order. Swati Maliwal, head of the Delhi women’s panel, has rightfully issued a notice to the police, underscoring the dire state of women’s safety in the city.

However, amidst the discussions surrounding this incident, there is an aspect that demands greater attention. This incident exposes the audacity and gall of the perpetrator, who, despite carrying out his heinous act in a public space, did so without fear of retribution and was even able to later walk away scot-free.

It is a shameful reflection not only on humanity but also on the present society’s collective conscience, as we have allowed our society to deteriorate to such an extent. Why is it that action was only taken after the crime was committed and not while it was unfolding? The accused was arrested in UP’s Bulandshahr hours-hours after fleeing the scene. This case is yet another painful reminder of how the system and society continue to fail women in this country.

While many people present may not openly state their reasons for their inaction, it is essential for them to reflect on their actions or lack thereof. Can they confidently say that they wouldn’t be shouting at the screen if their loved ones were the ones in danger? Even if they were to scream, it wouldn’t be directed at the killer but at the people present, asking “Why didn’t you help?” It is crucial to realize that tragedies like this can befall anyone, even those who may believe otherwise.

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