Stranger Things lives up to it’s hype, yet again

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Stranger Things needs no introduction but for those living under the rock the perfect way to describe it would be that it’s OTT streaming Platform juggernaut, Netflix’s “favourite child”. In fact It’s now the most viewed English language series on Netflix.

When Netflix was in its infant stage, Stranger Things was all it was known for and now with its 4th season (1st volume) released people have a ton to say about the famous show.

What makes this OTT content fascinating you may ask? Well it’s premise is basically how humans mess with nature in the pursuit of always going above and beyond in the name of science and how that creates mayhem for humanity but fortunately we have our superhero in the form of Eleven who comes to the rescue and saves Hawkins, “the cursed town” time and again.

Season 4 took a lot of time to be made and there was so much buzz around it. Initially the show felt a bit stretchy and dull at times and that happened primarily due to the reason that the characters were scattered and nothing much seemed to be happening. But the writers knew what they had to give to the audience and they were taking the story to the right direction. 

The show has light humour. Some characters seem to be playing pointless roles and that’s a negative for the franchise as it relies majorly on the “gang” consisting characters who have chemistry between them and who stick together to save their town and community. There’s also this significant angle of animosity between America and Russia in the mix of things which makes all the sense because of the time period the story is set around.

Props must be given to the music composer and the director of the franchise to make use of an old fashioned clock to an eerie effect both visually and audibly which has become the trademark music piece of the season. In this season we get to see more of what goes inside Dr. Berners human laboratory and we are introduced with a new character who had a mysterious aura throughout the run of the show. The ending was one that perhaps no one saw coming and it certainly answered loads of questions to the viewers pleasure. The cherry on top courtesy of the ending is the anticipation to witness the battle between the hero and villain who are so similar yet so different. That iconic eleven moment remains the best where she seemed to have done something scary which in the end turned out was the moment she opened the gateway to the “upside down” by shoving Vecna through a wall of the infamous Hawkins lab.

The second volume of the season is set to come out on July 1st. The two final episodes will have plenty in store for the audience.

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