Tantra and black magic leads to cannibalism in Kerala

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In the pursuit of prosperity, a Keralian couple and their agent allegedly sacrificed two women as part of black magic rituals. On Tuesday, the couple and Mohammed Shafi alias Shihab, a purported black magician who is accused of luring lottery ticket dealers Rosly and Padmam from the Ernakulam area, were detained.

In the garden of the home of massage therapist Bhagaval Singh and his wife Laila in Elanthoor, Pathanamthitta district, close to 30 body pieces that were thought to belong to Rosyln, aged 50, and Padma, aged 52, were discovered.

According to police reports, Shihab admitted to luring the two women with up to Rs 10 lakh for appearing in a pornographic tape and taking them to Bhagaval and Laila’s home where they were killed.

South zone range inspector-general of police P. Prakash told reporters:

“We started an investigation in the Padma case and came across this (second) case too.”

“Shihab took her (Padma) to Aranmula police station limits in Pathanmthitta district to the wife of one Bhagaval Singh. Rosyln was missing since June. Both are suspected to have been killed. We need to investigate to see if any more missing persons have been killed by them (the accused trio),”

the officer said.

Tamil Nadu resident Padmam was last seen on September 26, while Thrissur local Rosly was reported missing in June. They both resided in Ernakulam. A police report was made in August by Manju, Roslyn’s daughter who lives and works in Uttar Pradesh. One day after Padma vanished, Selvan, her son, filed a complaint.

Security camera footage that showed Shihab and Padma walking in Ernakulam served as the case’s decisive piece of evidence. The cyber cell then discovered that on September 26, their mobile phones were in the same places before Padma’s phone abruptly lost service after they were in Elanthoor. A few days ago, Shihab was summoned for interrogation when the investigation team discovered a Facebook post by Shihab promising rituals to achieve prosperity.

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