The king of the kings, carlsen bagged the julius baer generation cup

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The King of the kings, carlsen won the julius bear generation cup
The living legend of the chess world, Magnus Carlsen outshined the Indian prodigy, Arjun With 2-0.5 Gameplay and bagged the 7th event of the meltwater champions chess event.
Arjun Erigaisi Played hard to win the second set, to enter the playoffs of the finals but all his efforts were gone in vain In front of the world no. 1. The last round was played yesterday and carlsen was claimed as the victor of the event. In the match, erigaisi deliberately strike back to put some pressure on the g.o.a.t but the deadly moves of carlsen overwhelmed the young mind. Magnus carlsen is said to be the majestic player ever known, having majesty in playing the conundrums of chess puzzles. The world no. 1 became grandmaster after defeating the veteran, the master of queens gambit, kasparov, at the age of 13. It was interesting to watch the newcomer, leaving his chair and eyes dropping in other matches while playing against the world-class grandmaster.
However, magnus is making the headlins as he accused Hans Niemann of cheating and howling loud that he will expose the biggest scandal in the history of chess very soon. The news came as a storm and shook the entire chess world.

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