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The Promise Neverland

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User: write me a story on a future where automation and artificial intelligence transformed the job market.

Chat bot: …….as an AI chat bot I cannot give you precise stroy yet I will try to assist you.

…….Going back to 2017, a sci-fi movie named “Anukul” was released, the movie was on how Artificial Intelligence will take over the human job markets. That time nobody thought about it that much but now standing in the edge of 2035 its not that difficult to relate with the movie.

User: add details in the story

Chatbot: …….it is 2035 also known as the last era of human civilization. Once we thoight that oneday we will just relax while our all work will be done by a robot but we never thought about the consequences, yes only the rich people’s can get access to a robot or artificial intelligence, we middle class poor families are the one who are suffering from the lack of job. You will say it was always the same the rich always stays at top and the poor are the one who suffers, but thats not the problem here now in this era the class system has been divided into 5 parts,

1. The businessmans: who manufactures the robot and AI programs. As they are holding the whole economy and have the ultimate powers thus they are the one who runs a country now.

2. The rich man: who uses the AI and robots as their worker and servants. They enjoy ultimate freedom and have been known for thier aristocrat life style.

3. The Robots and AI: who works on all fields and have ultimate knowledge, they are the one who works on the manufacturing compainis and also as personal servants for the rich families. Thus now they are believed to be more useful and higher classed than middle class and lower class people.

4. Middle class: the suffering community who are being crushed by the AI, Robots, Businessman and rich families. They lack jobs, reputation and are being treated like dogs.

5. Lower class: also known as “the Forgotten Animals”, they dont have jobs, dont have any place to stay nothing to eat nothing to wear. They are not allowed to stay around the rich families as the rich says that the lower class people stinks thus they have sent to stay in the underground sewers.

We live in a society where Ai and robots are treated better than us. We are on the verge of getting vanished or being taken over by these automation and artificial intelligence. If you are reading this note then please stop this era of AI, dont let this things take over.

User: thank you chatbot for this wonderfull story.

Chatbot: mention not as an open AI am here to assist you.

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