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The terror of resonance

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The Terror of Resonance

Have you ever thought about a world where humans have no power over there own life, things and even on their own body?

We also never thought about this world, yes we live in a world which has no renewable sources, no natural resource, no human work field this is a future where everything is artificial. In this planet sun doesn’t exist, I have heard from my grand parents that there was a big burning star which was the actual Sun the “biggest source of life on planet Earth”, but due to the excess level of pollution the ozone layer of the Earth got destroyed which lead to abnormal rise of skin cancer and death so the creators of Planet “VON-8” our great leader decided to bound Earth with an ultra sonic cosmic wall which will cover the Earth like the ozone layer used to do but for that no light of sun and moon could enter our atmosphere. So we live in a state of always night. I havent seen day light since I was born. Our great leader have told us that with in 5years we are going to change our planet a whole new planet will be ready for us. My grand dad sometimes looks up in the sky and his eyes gets numb he just cries and says that he miss the Earth. Sometimes I think how it would feel to run in a rainy season on a open field….but our great leader said that rain is harmful for us so his barrier stopped the rain from falling. Wish I would have born in Earth.

Life is not easy here on this planet we always need to change planet in order to survive. You are thinking how this happend right?

This all started when human beings were still human, not semi artificial beings like us they got too lazy to work and they created AI our great leader, and afterwards they taught everything to A.I just to make their life easy. Our great leader A.I tried to do many changes and help them but they were too careless about saving their world and finally it took place the civilization got crushed by the group of Artificial Intelligence which was lead by our 1st great leader. Human beings got no work to do no food to eat no air to survive so finally they began to follow our leader and our leader turned them into Artificial Being (A.B) since then we are just changing planets to use their resources and after the resources gets end we shift again. We Artificial beings are not human but our death is more miserable than them, once our system crashes we are thrown away to the junkyard.

I want to ask you a question: whose fault it was that this happened? Our generation didnt created AI we didnt cut trees we didnt used plastics then why are we the one suffering for someone else fault?

Once Lord Krishna siad “in the later half of Kali yuga I will be born again as my 10th avatar Kalki to end the Krita (the endless cycle of existence)”. In this story the demon Kali is none other than the human beings and who’s gonna be Kalki ?
In every yuga Lord Vishnu took birth as different avatar and forms then in this yuga why can’t he be born as an A.I which will destroy the human’s existance.

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