Manufacture of the Vande Bharat Express under way at Integral Coach Factory in Chennai. | Photo Credit: B. Velankanni Raj

TMH-RVNL Consortium Troubles

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In a significant setback to India’s ambitious railway modernization program, the manufacture of 120 Vande Bharat trains by the TMH-RVNL consortium has hit a roadblock, causing concerns over the timely delivery of these high-speed trains. The consortium, consisting of Tata Motors (TMH) and Rail Vikas Nigam Limited (RVNL), was awarded the contract in 2022 to produce the indigenous trains, aiming to revolutionize the country’s railway infrastructure.

According to reliable sources, the troubled waters emerged as a result of technical complications and disagreements over project management between the two consortium partners. Insiders revealed that differing perspectives on design modifications and allocation of responsibilities have resulted in delays and strained relations within the consortium.

The Vande Bharat trains, envisioned as India’s answer to the world’s leading high-speed trains, were expected to enhance passenger experience and revolutionize train travel in the country. These trains would operate at speeds of up to 160 kilometers per hour, offering cutting-edge amenities and improved safety features.

The Ministry of Railways has taken note of the issues and has initiated discussions to resolve the impasse. Authorities have expressed their commitment to ensuring the smooth progress of the project, which is viewed as a crucial step toward modernizing India’s railway network.

The delay in the manufacture of these trains has raised concerns about meeting the project’s timeline, as the government aims to introduce the Vande Bharat trains on various high-density routes across the country. The setback also highlights the challenges associated with complex manufacturing projects and the importance of effective collaboration between consortium partners.

As negotiations continue between TMH and RVNL, all stakeholders, including the Ministry of Railways, are closely monitoring the situation. Efforts are underway to find common ground and resolve the issues impeding the progress of the project, with the aim of ensuring that the manufacture of Vande Bharat trains gets back on track at the earliest.

The Ministry of Railways has reiterated its commitment to delivering a world-class railway system and will take necessary measures to expedite the manufacturing process and ensure the successful deployment of these advanced trains across the Indian rail network.

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