A rescue operation under way at the site of the wall collapse in Coimbatore on Tuesday. July 04, 2023 09:42 pm | Updated July 05, 2023 12:25 am IST - COIMBATORE | THE HINDU BUREAU

Tragedy Strikes Coimbatore: Fatal Wall Collapses, Claims Life of Five!

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On Tuesday, July 4, 2023 three persons have been arrested for the charge of having connection with the wall collapse on the premesis of a private college in Coimbatore, which took the lives of five migrant construction worker.


G. Srinivasan, owner of Srinivasan Associates, was in charge of the construction of the wall at the Sri Krishna Academy site in Sugunapuram, Coimbatore. Project manager Sadiq Ul Amir and engineer K. Arunachalam were arrested by Kuniyamutura police.


Police said on Tuesday that a total of 14 company employees were involved in the construction of the barriers on the university campus on Coimbatore Palakkad Road. Around 5:30pm, five workers knocked down an old wall while building a new wall in the neighborhood.


Kolli Jeganathan, 53, Nakkela Satyam, 48, Rapaka Kannaya, 49, Bish Ghosh, 24, and Barun Ghosh, 28, from Vizianagaram, Andhra Pradesh, were trapped under rubble in West Bengal. Jaghanathan, Satyam, Kannaya and Bish Ghosh died at the scene, while Barun Ghosh, who was seriously injured, died without receiving treatment at Coimbatore Medical University Hospital.


Police filed a complaint against the threesome based on a complaint filed by the wife of one of the victims, Jeghanathan. They were convicted under sections 288 (negligence in connection with the destruction or repair of buildings) and 304(2) (the penalty for murder is not murder if the act was committed). knowing it could lead to death but not intending to do so) Indian Penal Code.

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