UFO sighted in Pakistan: Are they coming?

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A mysterious triangular object was spotted flying over the megacity of Islamabad for about two hours, making people worry if it was a UFO. 

 Indeed though UFO sightings are rare in nature and the phenomenal circumstance of the aliens are still a myth, but whenever enterprises arise of a implicit sighting of an Unidentified Flight Object, the news spreads like forestfire. 

 A analogous incident was firstly noticed in Pakistan, from what netizens and onlookers are claiming to be a UFO sighting in the megacity of Islamabad. I clear footage was accurately captured by a few pedestrians, they seemingly noted a flying aircraft hovering over the city in clear daylight.

 The footage shows a mysterious flying object swimming over the megacity of Islamabad in Pakistan for nearly two hours, leaving experts and authorities thwarted over the possibilities of what it could actually be. The local people reported that the object was constant for a few hours.

Arslan Warriach, a 33- time-old extraterrestrial sucker uploaded to social media the videotape footage of the incident, who seemingly observed the triangular object for exact two hours, reportedly over the city.

The video clips made the netizens thinking that whether the aliens really exist or the UFO sighting was just a humbug, depending upon the numerous clips present online. Some are even claiming the existence to be real, creating a controversy amongst the opposite believers.

“ This is the longest recorded UFO observing by a servicewoman on record, 13 mins of footage. I saw this when I was landing my drone, it floated for over 2 hours at this spot when ultimately it got dark and I could n’t see it presently.” Warriarch added to his social media.

Warriarch further added,“ It was solid black and had no sharp edges. It was not reflecting too important light and no lights were expiring from it. I mugged it for over 12 twinkles at different times, took dozens of filmland, and observed it for the stylish part of two hours.” 

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