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“Unemployment is the condition where someone is willing and able to work but does not have a paid job” that is what the common definition of unemployment that any economist would recommend. But did we ever stop to think that where is the end to this major crisis in India? People are in need for high paid jobs without even thinking for creating jobs for other people. Somewhere or the other we notice that the society is divided between three major group of people. The two of them which are mostly brought into spotlight are firstly, the affluent and deep pocketed section of the society who are habituated to lead their lives in the lap of luxury . On the contrary their stands the impoverished segment of the society who can barely afford the daily requirements. But there remains one portion of the community who remain unnoticed – they are neither well sound financially nor they belong to the substandard category of people, they are the regular “work a day” people. We have found that there are certain schemes for the under privileged. Moreover they are satisfied with whatever job opportunity they get but this mediocre section are the one standing on the edge of a knife. They can neither get a job of their aspiration nor do they can go for normal 100 day work. That is where “unemployment” plays the card.

According to the Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy ( CMIE) data the unemployment rate in India give to 7.83% in April from 7.60% in March. Besides, the Covid – 19 pandemic had put a considerable strain on industries, plus prices of basic commodities are on the rise. Such a situation compels man to get employed with high remuneration that too at a very young age sacrificing his or her dreams for the sake of running the lives of their family and itself.

Therefore there is an immediate need for creating job opportunities. “Enterpreneurship” which is the most essentially needed element of our economy are one of the avenues where young minds should be encouraged with. The more Business organisation, the more this mediocres will be free from the grip of unemployment. As responsible citizens it is our duty to look after the future of our country for the future rests in hands of current youth of the country.

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