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21 year old Tobykeith, ‘The oldest living’ Chihuahua dog grabs the Guinness record

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Everyone must be wondering that passing 21 years for a pooch is just a great achievement unlike humans. A chihuahua dog named “Tobykeith” has broken the record of being the “oldest living dog” on this planet. Notwithstanding, The Guinness book of records has already enrolled his name into their record building pages. Tobykeith, lives to a owner named Gisela Shore. Born on 9th January, 2001 he has now turned more than 21 years of age, residing at Green Acres, Florida, USA, as verified by the officials.

Owner Gisela described the cute little dog as ‘sweet, little, gentle and a loving bodyguard’ .

Normally the average life expectancy of a normal size dog is 12-15 years and when it comes to the small sized ones, it extends to 15-17. The cute little Chihuahua has really bagged a commendable record of living much more than the expected range. Gisela states the reason for his longevity as she provides the dog with a nutritious meal everyday, feeding her balanced diet of proteins, vegetables and rice, takes him for a walk regularly and he loves to lay down to the sunlight along the shore.

The GWR has shared the dog’s video on their insta handle with some lovely snippets of TobyKeith’s daily activities. Gesla, the owner, said in the video “He has been with me since he was a puppy. He is in pretty good health considering his age. He does a lot of sleeping but other than that, he is great,”.

The owner met the Chihuahua when she used to work in an Animal rescue operation during which two elderly employees handed him the small puppy as they weren’t able to look after the pooch any longer. Tobykeith now spends a healthy lifestyle, having few heart problems which are needn’t to be worried about.

The dog has a 7-year-old sister named Luna(American Bulldog) and a 3-year-old sister Lala(A Chinese crested hairless).

As per the blog, Gisela said “I love the recognition of knowing that he has had a healthy long life with me as his mommy. We adore him so much and achieving this record is the testimony of the loving home we have provided for him. Tobykeith is such a blessing. I am so lucky to still have him in my life.”

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