30 Chinese warplanes enter Taiwan’s airspace

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Thirty Chinese fighter jets entered the airspace of autonomous Taiwan on 30th May, Monday in a clear act of provocation, later on Taiwan deployed it’s own warplanes and anti aircraft missiles in act of retaliation.

This is the second largest infiltration of warplanes in China since last January. Just a few days ago, US President Joe Biden warned China against attacking Taiwan. A U.S. official recently visited the island of Paratas to discuss security with Taiwan’s leaders.

Over the past few months, Chinese warplane infiltration into Taiwan’s airspace has increased. Following the incident, 22 Taiwanese fighter jets followed Chinese aircraft to warn them and drove them out of Taiwan’s airspace. However, Beijing has claimed that the warplanes were sent as part of a military exercise.Taiwan’s defense ministry said Monday that 30 warplanes included electronic warplanes and anti-submarine aircraft.

But China’s actions have angered Taiwan, and tensions in the northeastern part of Taiwan’s Paratus Islands are expected to escalate. China considers Taiwan an isolated province, but Taiwan has been claiming to be an independent state.The warplanes were seen flying northeast of Taiwan’s Paratas Islands, prompting the deployment of Taiwan’s air defenses in the area.

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