Former President of USA; Donald Trump. (Image Source: The Telegraph File Pictures)

America ‘gears up’ for the historic court appearance of Donald Trump

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Following his unprecedented indictment on criminal charges, Donald Trump has announced that he will give a speech at Mar-a-Lago in Florida on Tuesday night. This is another indication that he intends to use the legal situation to further his political agenda.

The former President said in a statement that he would give a speech in Palm Beach after his return. He is scheduled to appear in court on Tuesday in New York to answer charges related to a hush-money payment to an adult film actor in 2016.

Trump is scheduled to address about the case at 8.15pm local, further mentioning it to be a “political witch-hunt“. Furthermore leading media organisations pleaded the presence of cameras within the courtroom on Tuesday during his summoning in New York. Judge Juan Merchan has urged the court to unveil the charges and reveal the offences affirmed by Trump before the public.

It has been recorded from the reports, an ABC/IPSOS poll results displayed a total of 50 percent of Americans believed the charges against Trump to be true meanwhile 30 percent rejected them to be serious.

Reports further mentioned that former President has been facing around 30 additional charges relating to the hush money and others such alleged affairs which were all been denied by him.

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