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China’s kindergarten attack, 6 killed

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On July 10 , six people died and one injured in an kindergarten attack in southern China’s Guangdong Province at around 7:40 a.m. (2340 GMT on July 9). the surrounding area has been sealed off..The attack happened when parents were dropping their children off for summer classes.


“One suspect has been arrested,” local police said and added that a police investigation was underway.The suspect was a 25-year-old male surnamed Wu, who later said he took his revenge after being harassed by a student at the same school.

Fearing copycat attacks,China’s capital Beijing is not allowing state media to publish details of Monday’s incident fearing copycat attacks.


Attacks targeting students and schools have been noticed nationwide in recent years in Jiangxi , southwest Yunnan ,the central Hubei , Shaanxi and many other places .While guns are strictly controlled in China cases of stabbings ,chemical attacks are noticed and the longest and toughest lockdown of Covid-19 pandemic is believed to be one reason of the reasons of these cases among feelings of anger, resentment, unemployment , high stress and a widening rich-poor divide. One expert told the BBC a strong sense of “social deprivation” can lead some to use violence to vent their frustration against society.


Chinese authorities have been researching more into the root causes of the violent acts and stepped up security around schools and colleges.

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