Meta employee gets fired after moving from india to uk for the role,calls it a devastating situation.


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An Indian Meta employee lost his job today after a couple of months of joining as he revealed that he had relocated from India to UK for the role as part of layoffs at the company.

Meta’s fresh round of layoffs has already influenced thousands of people and families worldwide. The company also announced its second round of layoffs back in March,2023 but however, it had only fired 4,000 people back then. The remaining 6,000 employees are now getting to know that they are being laid off and linkedIn with fake stories of impacted people.

While all the layoffs are tough and the effect of this gets amplified as one seeks to uproot his entire life moving to one another country for a job role. Something similar happened with an Indian employee, who had moved to the UK a couple of months back but unfortunately being the part of the mass layoffs was carried out and fired from Meta.

The former Meta employee was working as an HR in the tech giant and had revealed his job lost story in the social media.”Joining Meta was a big move for me as I moved from India to the UK, and it’s really devastating to be in the situation of getting laid off from a new role after just a few months in a new country. I am now open to new opportunities and relocating anywhere in the UK, Europe, and India”- says the HR tech recruiter.

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