Miracle- miracle! A doctor with good hand writing

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A doctor residing in Kerela is trending as people are amazed to his prescription with good hand writing. Dr Nitin Narayanan said his sister taught him to write in a four-letter book, and he has followed it till now. Doctors are usually assumed with bad hand writing and this prescription is surreal for all for sure.The photo was shared on Facebook by bency SD last week and it’s getting too much attraction.
Comments after comments are coming on his tidy writing. One of comments stated that he didn’t see that coming. It was unexpected from a doctor to write a prescription which is readable to an normal eye. Any patient can read his prescription for sure. Bency SD on Facebook said that the doctor works as a pediatrician at the Community Health Centre (CHC) in Palakkad. The prescription is amusing and eye catching cause it is wrote in block letters, which makes it highlighting and comprehensible. According to Mathrubhumi, Dr Narayanan has been working at the CHC for the last three years. He developed the skill of good handwriting in childhood.

“Copybook practices helped me and even after the completion of studies, I tried to maintain the writing style,” the doctor said.

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