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COVID-19 pandemic has deranged the usual way of living of people globally and because of that the virtual world has come to save lives. Schools, colleges and other academies have also haul their plinth to virtual tenets to escort online classes for indoctrination. On the other hand, government, edtech and other private organizations are trying their level best by neaten up their online platform, portals, apps, etc and provide training to students and teachers to use those platforms to the optimal level for the smooth transition to the virtual world.

Digital verve maintains the paramountcy of aristocracy schools over the tutelage structure causing the digital divide between the rich and poor. It also affects the work role of the government. Both the central as well as state governments make a protocol not only for the employment of the labourers but also for the education of their children. Students and teachers also face their personal problems while accessing the online platforms. Due to the financial curb, students are not able to access the high quality internet for online classes  which is also applicable for the teachers who are professed to supervise online classes from their home. Teachers are concerned with completing the syllabus. COVID-19 pandemic identifies the ever-increasing structural disparity in school education with regards to gender divide, rich-poor and rural-urban.

Technology has been considered the main things to improve education and has earned extraordinary impetus during this pandemic. It is being regarded as an elixir to fight against all the education related issues.  In a diverse country like India, the school administration is also characterised by stratum from elite to low fee private and government schools, creating a superfluity of obstacles. There is no way a sole proposition to alleviate school education interference is going to monologue these varied and composite sets of matters of multifold acreage.

No matter how uncomplicated a plan or technology is being used to provide education to all, some of the children will remain left out due to poverty, migration, family problems, etc.

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