Russian missile attacked Ukrain: 19 killed, over 100 injured

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The Russian missile and drone attack which led to around 19 casualties and over 100 wounded across Ukraine on Monday, created a traumatic and devastating atmosphere in the Nation again.

Although, it was not as detrimental as it could have been in terms of war which involve mass killing. Further, this raised questions on the quality of Russian weapons and capacity of their forces led under President Vladimir V. Putin’s military designs. According to Dr. Storey, a Senior Fellow at the ISEAS-Yusof Ishak Institute, Singapore, this is a indication that the effectiveness of Russian missile is poor and are lacking of precised munitions. Energy and other civilian services were targeted the most in this attack, Putin claimed this to be warning shot and a response to the blast on Russia’s Bridge to seize Crimea. It is witnessed that most of the Russian attacks have been long range strikes and usage of outdated, unguided and imprecise missiles has been noticed which further included some from the Soviet Era.

Storey and other experts proclaimed that it is yet to figure out about the weapons Russia has. Further, other analysts have observed that Russia is lacking of its most ‘sophisticated weapon’. Russia utilized most of its accurate and precise weapons like cruise missiles and certain ballistic missiles in the initial days of the invasion,  according to Western intelligence. The arm industry of the Nation is completely dependent on imported electronic items and is assumed that sanctions has limited Kremlin’s ability to stock up its supplies.

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