Russian oil gets banned, England to suffer economic cricis soon

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A crucial blow to Russia! Great Britain’s president Joe Biden has declared to impose a strict ban on the import of crude oil from on of the current war-hit countries. Experts are assuming that, the English President has taken up this decision to stop the monitary exchange with Russia. Hence, stop finding the war, many said so. It was soon after the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy has asked different countries along with the United States to cut off all sorts of monitary exchange with Russia. He added,’If Vladimir Putin never gets the money which he needs to carry on the war with Ukraine, then it would be very difficult for Russia to continue such massive attack for a long long time.’

Though most of the countries of the European allies have assured that they will be searching for an alternative and become less dependent on Russia, still experts believe that since Russia is one of the largest reservoirs of the crude oil, it would be very difficult to stabilize economy of any country, if it does not import crude oil from them. In this list of predictable future economic cricis lies America, Britain and many more. The fuel prices have started to rise from weeks ago. Now, it is believed to go much more higher than before ever. According to sources, the English President is in no mood to compromise with the Russian oil barrels in near future.

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