Samosas made in Saudi Arabian restaurant’s toilet from last 30 years

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Saudi government closed a restaurant. Allegedly, they used to prepare other food including Samosa in a toilet. This has been going on for the last 30 years. On this day, the officials of Jeddah Puranigam conducted a surprise operation there. And after finding out the truth of the allegation, he ordered to close the restaurant at that moment. The accused restaurant is located in an area of Jeddah City, Saudi Arabia. For some time now, they have been accused of making Samosa and other food items in the toilet.

Purnigam officials said that none of the workers here have health insurance. As a result, it has been shut down. Officials also said that the restaurant not only prepared food in the toilet, but also served expired food. It contains meat, cheese, etc. The food store has even been accused of consuming food from two years ago. In all, the restaurant has violated multiple laws.

According to Jidah Puranigam sources, Puranigam officials have visited 2,633 restaurants in the last four months. It has been seen that in 43 cases the law was not obeyed properly. As a result, action has been taken in 26 cases. However, the food lovers of Jeddah were shocked by today’s incident. They have not yet been able to digest the matter.The administration has previously closed several restaurants in Saudi Arabia due to the unhealthy environment. A famous restaurant in the city of Jeddah was closed in January. Rats were seen roaming in the restaurant. Rats are even seen eating food prepared for customers. At that time there was a huge uproar on social media about this incident.

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