Taiwan shook with a quake of 6.8 magnitude: 1 killed, 9 injured

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On Sunday, Taiwan felt a tremendous shake that impacted a three story building trapping 4 people temporarily. Another 400 tourists were left stranded on the mountainside, along with knocking a daily passenger train off its tracks. This disastrous incident killed an individual and injured 9 others, as mentioned by Taiwan’s Emergency Operations Centre.

Amongst a dozen quakes that hit the southeastern coast since Saturday evening, the largest that struck the area was about 6.8 magnitude followed by 6.4 magnitude. The intensely affected area includes the northern epicentre covering the town of Chishang at the relatively shallow depth of 7km, was informed by Taiwan’s Central Weather Bureau. The island’s Central News Agency reported the death of a cement factory worker in Yuli town inside a three-story building with a 7/11 store on its ground floor.

This tragedy left the 7,000 households in the Yuli region powerless with the water pipes damaged. The station was damaged but luckily none of the passengers were injured. The church and pavements were left in debris.

Further the Japan Meteorological Agency issued an advisory for tsunami in the southern Japanese island near Taiwan, but later again dissolved it.

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