Woman buys ‘The Conjuring’ haunted house for $1.5 Million

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The 286-year-old haunted home in Rhode Island, USA, which inspired the making of the famous Hollywood horror film ‘Conjuring’, is all set to be sold to a real estate developer Jacqueline Nunez. Paranormal investigators Jenn and Cory Heinzen bought the 3,100 square foot house in 2019 for $4,39,000 and now they are selling it o the new owner for $1.2 million.

The Heinzens have decided to hold a Facebook Live event on Thursday to make the announcement. According to the Wall Street Journal, the Heinzens had received many offers for the three-bedroom home. “We got a lot of ridiculous bids, but the people refused to be interviewed,” said Ms. Heinzen. They also offered to sell the house under certain conditions. They suggested the buyers to not live in the house for their own safety, but rather use it for business purposes. The conditions also included the owner allowing overnight bookings and allowing conducting investigations on paranormal activities throughout the year.

The previous families who lived in the house have all witnessed several mysterious events throughout the area of the house. Andrea Parron, who owned the house between 1971 and 1980 said that her family had a weary experience in the house. She saw her mother hovering in a chair and was thrown 20 feet away. But her mother has no memory of those events. A paranormal investigator who visited the house during that time said about one of the family members being slapped by some supernatural entity.

Ms. Perron said “I believe the house chose Jacqueline (Nunez) the same way it chose us. It wants her light.” Though Ms. doesn’t say of not being terrified about the haunted house but joked that she should be asked around a year.

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