Women finds 5-year old Mc Donald’s burger : Shocked with the results.

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Mysterious thing happened with a woman in Washington DC. A woman named Megan Condry, bought two cheeseburgers and fries from McDonald’s in November 2017 as she claimed. Megan ate only one burger and kept the another one intentionally at the back of her wardrobe. The 41-year old, kept the burger for an experiment initially. Megan stated that she had a curiosity that how long the burger would remain same, but later she forget about it. After 5- years she discovered it during Christmas time, from her wardrobe. She was shocked with the results.The burger remained same as the day she bought it, she stated but the fact is that it was like ‘rock hard ‘. After such results she decided never to eat at McDonald’s. However, not for the first time it has been alleged that McDonald’s burger do not decompose. The company explained in a blog post, named “Response to myth that McDonald’s burger do not decompose “. The company claimed that the burgers do decompose but under certain conditions, specially in moisture.

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