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Mamata Banerjee discussing about Adeno virus. Image source: Indian express

Adenovirus? Sizling fever, no need to panic: Mamata Banerjee.

CM Mamata Banerjee on Thursday said there is no need to panic, the deaths of children were due to respiratory disabilities only 2 of them affected by Adeno virus. Causes of death for 2 children among 12 is only adeno and the rest were of comorbidities. Around 5213 acute cases of respiratory disability was detected, in the last month.

Instead of discussing about the 7 deaths the government is assuring about any kind of emergency they are ready. There is nothing to panic about. We have kept 5,000 beds ready for children and 600 paediatricians are ready. Typhoid, pox, cough and cold are common, isn’t it? So is seasonal virus. It is important to take special care of children. Newborns up to two years of age are the most affected ones”, uttered by the Chief Minister.

However, in grief CM told any children’s death is very unfortunate for us but we can’t change the seasonal virus during this time. There are many cases of underweight newborn baby due to lack of immunity they are more quickly get affected by viruses, as she said that it’s not only reported in Bengal also in other states. CM also by criticizing media said that how the media showing the news it is too much, which makes panic for school student their parents, though for this maybe she needs to declare holiday for primary schools. It is natural that for the death of any children their parents will cry, said Mamata Banerjee.

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