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Image: Representative figure of Scientist CV Raman; Image Source: Shutterstock/Representative

Ahead of 37th National Science Day, a brief overview on scientist C.V. Raman’s legacy and work

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In India, 28th February is celebrated every year as National Science Day, a yearly tradition ever since its first inception in 1986 to honor the achievements of Great Indian physicist CV Raman and his groundbreaking theory of light.

Sir Chandrasekhara Venkata Raman is an inspiration to physics and theorists worldwide, especially ‘The Raman Effect’ that won him the achievement of The First Indian Physicist to win The Nobel Prize for Physics in 1930 and also the first Asian to be win a Nobel, in a branch of science.

Raman discovered The Raman Effect, which in layman’s terms, wherein when light is shined through a material, it gets scattered and its wavelength changes, from that of the original incident light and its interactions with the molecules in the material present.

While The Raman Efect is his most notable work, it’s not his only contribution to the world and in the field of science. In his 82 year life, he has left behind a long list of accolades to his name, making India’s First Scientist, a figure of continued inspiration and reverence for physicists and scientists worldwide.

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