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COBRA KAI SEASON 5 TRAILER RELEASED; hinted the premiere date

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The most anticipated Karate Kid sequel is out after an impeccable response recorded after the release of Cobra Kai 4 season 4, having a couple of cliffhangers and open ended scenes which left the netizens into a state of bizzare filled with more curiosity. The Cobra Kai season 5 marked it craze at the festival of Los Angeles by revealing the date of release of the most awaited season, the Netflix fans were grueling for. The episodes are going to arrive on 9th of September at the world’s most subscribed OTT platform.

The season 4 ended with Cobra kai making his mark in the All Valley and emerging out as a champion, thus forcing Miyagi-Do out of buisness. The upcoming season 5 confers some possibility of Terry Silver getting hold of the Cobra Kai ( alongside Kresse framed) and spontaneously expanding his control to more locations throughtout the battling valley.
The ending minutes of the season 4 shows Daniel LuRosso wiping away the old memories and reuniting with his old former fierce rival ,Chozen and planning to get down their silver hopes. Having Kreese handcuffed behind the bars, Johhny Lawrence restoring his focus to the martial form to repair the damages caused by him, Daniel must call an old friend of him, snapped out as per the S5 trailer.
A peep into the trailer also sets out a sight of a entertaining enthralled Chozen vs Terry Silver battle show. Also, asserting more deep into Cobra Kai’s newfound dominance, presembles the probable of Tory redemption and affirming Roby’s joining into the Mexico trip along with Miguel .
“Cobra Kai is more popular than it’s ever been, with Terry Silver relishing it and in full force and Daniel supposedly having to shut down Miyagi Do. That when you think about it from Daniel’s perspective, what does he have to come back from this?” co-creator Hayden Schlossberg stated.
The Cobra kai fans have been flaggergasted after the unusual release of the trailer out of their expectation. So it is assumed, the netizens have started setting out their wait for the day when the episodes will hit out on the platform with much ecstasy.

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