Gang rape, muder, life lost: just another casual case right?

On Monday, a Dalit girl, who was gang raped and set on fire in Uttar Pradesh’s Pilibhit district, dies due to serious injuries, as the hospital reported.
After  assaulting the 16 year old girl, they put diesel and set her on fire in madhav tanda area on September 7. As per the sources, 2 men as Rajveer, 19 and Tara Chand early as Tarun Kumar, 25, were arrested and sent to jail. They tried to kill the victim to remove every evidence but a video went viral and exposed their brutal act . The girl fought bravely till her last breath. A case was registered against the accused under the Indian panel code, posco act and the scheduled castes/schedule tribe act.
Shameless act, horrific death and pathetic security system for women in UP as reports prevail. As per National Crime Records Bureau Reports 2022, Uttar Pradesh is the 3rd worst state to top in rape cases in the country with 2845 cases in 2021. Apart from this report, National Commission for women stated that 31,000 complaints of crimes against women were received where half of the cases were from UP. According to NCRB report in 2019, there is no state in India to be safe for women. One rape happens in every 16 minutes in India.

It becomes an eye sore if the victims of rape has to succumb to death pitted against criminals who move freely or walk out of jail on bail, honoured with dhol, music and distributing sweets, as if king is back to his kingdom. It may sounds ironic but in reality these people are worst than animals who assault and kill people for pleasure and enjoyment. As cases have had reference , where the accused were set free a few weeks back inspite of their criminal act.
The punishment for criminal acts in India are delayed, as mass consensus stands for which criminals  enjoy  false rights. Nirbhaya Case as stands. It’s only the victims and their family who suffers, as at last no one is there to hear the pain of  the dying voice.

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