Guinness World Records: The tallest family in the world

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The Guinness Book of World Records has recognised a Minnesota family as the world’s tallest, confirming their claim to be the world’s tallest. The Trapp family consists of five individuals. Scott, Krissy, Savanna, Molly, and Adam are all about 6 feet 8 inches tall on average, with Scott being the tallest.
According to reports, the youngest member of the Trapp family is 22-year-old Adam Trapp, who stands at a magnificent 7 feet 3 inches in height. Savanna Trapp Blanchfield, 27, and Molly Steede, 24, both of whom are 6 ft. 6 in. tall, are his older sister and younger sister, respectively.
As for their mother, Krissy, she is the smallest of the Trapp siblings, standing at only 6 ft. 3 in. Their father, Scott, is an impressive 6 ft. 8 in.
Savanna, Molly, and Adam were measured by orthopaedics expert Dr. Anna Sudho on December 6, 2020, but parents Scott and Krissy were formally recognised as the record-breakers on April 13, 2022, when they were presented with their certificate of achievement.
“My sister was so ecstatic at the time that she immediately contacted the rest of the family to inform them that we had officially broken the record. They were also really enthusiastic about it, and it was nearly impossible to believe, “Adam remarked.
“We are overjoyed that our efforts have been recognised,” the family remarked.
“When I meet new people and they inquire about my height, that is when I like it the most,” Adam explained.

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