Hand in hand: The edifice of love, Taj Mahal and ongoing terror of monkeys

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The 6th wonder of the world, the mausoleum of a love story, one of the most beautiful tourist point in the world is dealing with one of the worst crisis of monkey menace. The terror of monkeys Is rising day by day. Recently, a Spanish tourist was attacked by a troop of monkeys. The tourist got seriously injured, bitten multiple times by Monkeys on Taj Mahal grounds, on Monday. Not only in Taj Mahal but this problem is prevailing in many parts of Agra. Multiple cases are registered everyday. Due to terror of monkeys , people living in residential areas are forced to be in their house , in captive.
A few days back , a case came where a monkey snatched the spectacles of a boy. After the suggestion of a passer-by , the boy offered a pack of biscuits to the ape. The monkey took the pack of biscuits and returned the spectacles but in a broken state.
A horrific case was also registered yesterday where a 6 month old toddler was dragged from a building by a monkey. When the incident was exposed, in the process of getting away, The monkey lost the grip on the child and the being fell from the second story of the building and died. Multiple incidents taking place in every 12 hours but no strong measures or actions are taking place to stop these terrorising incidents.

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