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The Nation was informed that although it is uncommon for the passage of time to give “a chance to repair the past and establish a fresh future,” “there is one such occasion before us now.” After seventy years cheetah was declared extinct in India, Modi, who turned 72 on Saturday, released eight cheetahs from Namibia—five female and three male at the Kuno national park in Madhya Pradesh and took pictures of them entering their new habitat.

An ancient link in the biological biodiversity was cut long ago, and it went extinct. But now that cheetahs have returned to India, the nation’s morals has become fully aware of the value of the natural world. On this historic day, greetings to all citizens, Prime Minister Modi continued “I would particularly like to thank our friend Namibia and its government for working with us to enable the cheetahs to return to Indian country after a lot of decades”.Twelve more cheetahs are expected to arrive from South Africa in the coming month to join the young Indian population. Additionally, when it gets more money for the 910 million rupee project, which is mostly funded by the state-owned Indian Oil, India plans to finally increase the population to around 40 cats.

As villagers in Madhya Pradesh’s Sheopur district are worried about a number of things, including the fear of land investment and the big cat itself so, the PM requested the public to be patient so that they could watch the Namibian cheetahs in Kuno National Park. The Prime Minister said, “Cheetahs are our guests; let them stay for a few months.”

A group of Kuno forest officials who attended cheetah handling training in Namibia have started working in the meantime. They received instruction in a variety of areas, including physical capture, setting up cheetah traps, catching a group of cheetahs, handling captured cheetahs, human safety and so on.

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