After getting an impeccable response from the netizens and overwhelming revenue outcome , the ‘Kashmir Files’ has set out its reach abroad India. Despite of getting released in America, Australia and many other countries, there is a stiff criticism  been raised with its release in New Zealand. As the movie showcases exodus on Kashmiri pandits based on true events from 1990’s genocide, there has been a certain fear of spreading “Islamophobic” propaganda leading to communal hatred as been concerned by the online petition started in New Zealand.
The ex deputy Prime Minister of New Zealand ,Winston Peters however briefed this matter to be attack on the freedom on the country people. He expressed his worries on his Facebook page, ” To censor this film is tantamount to censoring information or images from the March 15th atrocities in New Zealand, or for that matter removing from public knowledge all images of the attack on 9/11. Mainstream Muslims have both in this country and around the world readily and rightly denounced all forms of terrorism on the basis that committing violence in the name of Islam is not Muslim. Neither should steps taken against Islamophobia mistakenly lead to the shielding of terrorists in the name of Islam”.

He also added , “Terrorism in all its forms, no matter what its source, should be exposed and opposed.  This attempt at selective censorship would amount to one further attack on the freedom of New Zealanders and people worldwide,”.
Vivek Agnihotri,the director of the film gracefully thanked the ex deputy PM for thr extended support he granted against the censorship and blamed certain communal groups for creating nonsensical tension surrounding with the film.

The film was initially passed by the censor board with R16 certificate which says audience over 16+ can watch the film as the movie is surrounded with brutal violences . The movie which has stirred controversies allover India has been now put on a hold for review by David Shanks,the chief censor of New Zealand film board who reported there has been certain complaints by the Muslim communities of the country as they fear an outgrowth of hatred towards islamic atrocities over the country and the world, as per the reports.  “This is a situation where emotions are starting to tick up. [We have] got to engage with that,” stated by the local media as per his quote.
There has been several social media pictures and videos where audiences have shown created an unusual upsurge of controversies surrounded with political critics.

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