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Launching Aerwins Xturismo Hoverbike in the futuristic technological sectors

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The Japanese manufacturer is planning to launch flying cars and flying bikes which can be expected to be seen in the futuristic Transportation sectors of the world. They are going to launch the new Aerwins Xturismo Hoverbike at the Detroit Auto Show of the United States. The bikes will be breaking the boundaries between fiction and reality as it has the capability to fly or hover above the ground. 

There are many technological features in the Hoverbikes. It has multiple propellers which were conceptualised and designed on the basis of a quad-copter with extra propellers which are powered by an internal combustion engine aided by a battery. It has two big propellers which act as the lifting powers in the front and four small propellers which act as the stabilising powers in the rear end of which two on each end.

The Hoverbikes are 3.7 metres long, 2.4 metres broad,. and 1.5 metres tall. The maximum speed of the Hoverbikes is 60 mph for up to 30 to 40 minutes in the air. The weight of the Hoverbikes is 300 kg which is credited to all the carbon fiber materials used in the body. It can carry up to 100 kg of payloads.

Currently, it will be delivered in 2022. The cost will decrease when the mass production begins. Hopefully,at that point of time it will be successful. VTOL laws and regulations will be caught up as soon as possible.

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