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Masked man snatches phone from moving train: unimaginable remarks baffled passengers  

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In a video making the rounds on the internet recently, two men can be seen sitting near the door of a moving train’s compartment,and as the train crosses over the bridged extension the men stretch out their phones to shoot the scene of the train crossing the beautiful Ganga.

With earphones plugged in and sitting squatted down  the two men who were in a laid back mood enjoying the calm beauty are suddenly struck with a baffling jolt of confusion as one of the two suddenly can’t seem to find his phone that he had in his hands just a moment ago. While the amount of time taken for the shock of suddenly parting with his phone took a few seconds to register, the parting itself was instantaneous. Well, after a few rounds of replaying the footage of the event that just so happened to be recorded by another passenger, the fellow travelers brought over by the frantic commotion made by the departed phone’s owner found themselves in a state of hysteria and horror by the site barely captured.

The footage captured on the phone of said passenger showed no signs of anything strange(….at first) and the only thing confusing was the appearance of a silhouette that appeared for an instant and then the phone’s disappearance and the owner’s daunting realisation that followed a few seconds later.

In what could literally be called a matter of seconds and something that would’ve even escaped the camera had it been any faster, a masked man could be seen literally hanging on the train bridge’s metallic frame reaching out and snatching the phone away from the then absentminded phone owner.  The entire video can be found on twitter (Youthesta doesnot sanction responsibility regarding truth of the video)

The video has been all over the internet, garnering reactions from watchers with some finding humor  while others are left dumbstruck and appalled by the affair.

After some investigations and searching(courtesy of the internet) the video is claimed to be from Begusarai and as found out by a newspaper, the train of the crime, The Patna-Kathiar Intercity Express was traveling over the Rajender Setu that connects Begusarai to Patna when this ‘incident’ took place.

While the lost phone’s owner may be lamenting and regretting his inclinations of wanting to shoot on his phone that day, it’s highly unlikely that another passenger would happen to make the same mistake now that this event has been known. Police have started investigation on the event to track any network of robbers ,if being connected.

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