Men and Women : victims of Gender Equality

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1 in 3 women around the world experience physical  violence. Standing in 21st century there are a group of people thinking that women are too fragile to paddle wheels of society not giving a second thought that they are ones responsible for bringing life on earth. Every alternate day when we turn the pages of our daily newspaper we find at least one case of women being abused or a woman being a victim of domestic abuse and the list goes on. As per records, Madhya Pradesh and Delhi consecutively reports 4391 and 2199 abduction cases and 34600 cases are being recorded country-wide. Apart from these there might be a number of unregistered cases where a woman fears to highlight the Ill-treatment they face. We speak of respecting woman but to major parts of India men need special classes to learn how to respect a woman.

It is a shame that India, the holy land where worshipping a woman is taken as a culture fails to provide safety to it’s real life mothers. Now the word that goes well with the discussion is “Feminism”. We all are well accustomed with the concept of Feminism but with growing rise for Feminism there forms another group of woman titled as the Pseudo Feminists whose  main objective is to somehow dominate men. In the name of fighting for equal rights they take hold men’s individual right, in order to prove their superiority. It should be made clear that men and women are equally needed to maintain proper balance in ecosystem. Fighting for equal rights and and trying to dominate the society is not the same and not at all acceptable. Such activities should be put to stop and strict actions should be taken against it. If men are responsible for making women feel secure so do women should show respect towards men and their rights.  Good and bad are the two sides of the same coin. Both the community of people have proportionate mixture of good and bad. Kofi Annan, a receiver of Noble Peace Prize said

“Gender equality is more than goal in itself. It is precondition for meeting the challenge of reducing poverty, promoting sustainable development and building good governance”.

It is the duty of both the groups of people to protect and safeguard each other’s rights. One thing we should always keep in mind that India is a land of Equality.

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