Shocking history revealed in Peru, six new mummies discovered

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It may be very much weird to hear that approximately six infants had been sacrificed as the man loved childern very much, when she was alive. This brutal incident took place with the belief that, as she was dead now, she will definitely need the company of kids to pass her afterlife – time!
It was February 13, 2022. Archaeologists went to shock when they dug out six mummies of infants along with that of a man in a tomb near Lima, the capital of Peru. According to the accessory findings side by, the experts primarily assume that the aged figure might be some nobleman of that time, more specifically any renowned political figure. After such horrific findings, the in-charge archeologist Pieter Van Dalen said in front of the media,’From our past experiences, we think that these children might be from the near and dear ones of the nobleman. Moreover, if we go through history, it were their parents who had placed their children in such a condition, willingly!’
When asked about the age of the mummies, the archeologist replied that, they might be more than a thousand years old.

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