The new Criminal Bill might change the System in near future, says Amit Shah

The new Criminal Bill might change the System in near future, says Amit Shah

Union Home Minister Amit Shah is all set to introduce a new bill to strengthen the Jurisdiction and security of the citizens. As per the reports, it is named as Criminal Procedure (Identification) Bill, 2022. To describe it, though not yet passed in the two houses till date, Amit Shah said-

“It is going to be a better version of the age-old ‘Identification of Prisoners Act’, 1920. Especially, when we are in a phase of stepping into the digital World, we have to be more biometric in our process.”

The new bill expands the list of details which will be collected and secured in the digital locker for the upcoming 75 years. It will collect the identification details of the convicts as well as others related to it. Even people who bail the convict, will have to fill up the details. It includes palm-print impressions, iris and retina scans, behavioral attributes such as signature and handwriting, and other physical and biological samples such as blood, semen, hair samples, and swabs, and their analysis.

Moreover, the bill also clearly states about the “Collector” of such details. The collector can be the officer-in-charge, officer conducting the investigation under CrPC or someone who is at least a sub inspector or the jailor-in-charge.

Shah has also added,’ Till now thee age-old act vested the rule-making powers to the state government only. But, by this new bill, the power will be extended to the Centre as well.’

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