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Characters of Bahurupiya folk art. Image source:times of India

Death of Culture? Folk art Bahurupiya slowly diminishes.

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On the ground of North Central zone culture (NCZCC) shilp mela is hosted every year for gathering folk cultural artists. Folk, being a great culture is slowly dying. Many popular TV artists crowd over this shilp Mela. One of the visitor in the mela is Gopal Shrivastava who was greeted by the famous serial artist Krur Singh who acted on the serial named Chandrakanta. Gopal Shrivastava felt nostalgic after meeting the character as he relates his childhood days with it, according to source.

Simultaneously , the characters of Charlie, joker, Jin are also spotted on the Ship Mela ground of NCZCC as they are the artists of ‘Bahurupiya’. Shamshad Khan, son of popular national level artist Subarati Khan of led this Bahurupiya team this year.

Nowadays, theatre artist do not get much position as serial lovers and web series grab the market much more. It arises a big problem for this artists as Shamshad Khan said that the government does not look upon the welfare which leads the slow death of cultural arts. He also mentioned about the ignorance of the government at the time of his father’s death. When his father died due to kidney failure, the government did not provide any monetary help even after being an national level artist.

Shamshad also said that in recent times many artists are opening their own businesses after watching the condition of the folk profession.

“It is disheartening to see that this folk art is dying but unless the government helps us, we don’t have any other

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