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Chinese President Xi Jinping speaks with with South African President Cyril Ramaphosa and Senegalese President Macky Sall in Beijing on Sept. 4, 2018. LINTAO ZHANG/POOL/GETTY IMAGES

Foreign affairs: USA eyeing to overshadow china on the floor of coming African summit

From the past decades to the recent times, ‘The Dragon’ symbolizing china has developed itself to this stage that it’s name gives you an insight of a developed and a stronghold nation in the world market. But the pace of its advancement and the forceful nature of it’s policies to thrive is already alarming the other bigshots. Recent reports shows china has drastically stepped up with investments in other countries either with lending money or providing advanced, powerful machineries but the payback of its helpful nature is shocking in its own way cause china tends to extend its territory by taking over the peace of land or place it’s hand on the major economic power source of the countries who fails to payback it’s debt to china. As per 2022, Pakistan owes china 60 billion dollars which is a great matter of concern for Pakistan and the neighbouring countries.

The ongoing domination of china on Hong Kong and it’s growing support for countries like Russia, proving AI machineries and advance weapons has really darkened it’s relations with USA to this level that America is looking forward with it’s big African summit alongside blocking the passage for china to form any ties with the latter continent. Since the arrival of Biden and it’s administration as the governing body, they are standing toe to toe with china and trying outshine the latter country in the world forum since day one. Washington is going to hold the summit in this ongoing month to extend it ties with Africa , hardly leaving any space for china because the growing geopolitical clout of china is a major concern for them and avoiding any chances to face the African countries becoming allies with the dragons in any cold War in future. But inviting the autocrats to the summit has already started a wave of criticism against Biden and its administration from lawmakers and human rights advocates.

Funding massive infrastructure projects , machineries and increasing political engagement of china , despite warnings from Washington that some of these projects amount to “debt-trap diplomacy” has grown the cold hearted relation, disbelief and lack of communication between the two countries .The recent news of global recession is a major threat to the world but these stronghold nations are still defying the values of a global village and wants to dominate the world on their own.

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