A Magical Rickshaw That Can Time Travel.


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Since my childhood I am always fascinated about Doraemon’s time machine through which Nobita could time travel along any periods of time, be it a past or future. Likewise, when I grew up and saw the Marvel movie – Avengers : End Game and there I saw how Hulk made a tive travel machine for the Avengers to go in the past in history to collect the infinity stones, I got much more fascinated and wished to have experienced such a time travel atleast once in my life. I always wondered that this concept of time travel is all fake as nobody is Doctor Stefen Strange or none have a Doraemon. How can one time travel along a period which has already been left in the past or which is yet to happen? But that day few years back my wonders changed into actual reality.

It was June 13, 2019 , my birthday and I was pretty excited as I was turning 16 years old then . Every year i visit the temple on this special day of mine to worship God but that day something special happened. While praying to God I made an absurd wish to have a supernatural power to get invisible and to time travel in my past to revisit them at a glance. Making my wish I smiled as I knew it wasn’t going to happen and turned towards the road . As I turned back i saw a lovely little rickshaw . It’s seats were fully designed and it was all red beautifully decorated with buttons near the horn. I was surprised as that day there was nobody present on the road and infact the rickshaw driver was also missing.

I found that rickshaw so pretty that I sat on it and blew the horn to call the driver to go back home in that beautiful rickshaw but got no response. Out of curiosity i tapped upon the upper red button of the rickshaw and I was astonished and shocked to see that it was a magical rickshaw and at a glance everything around me changed. The entire landscape, scenerio, people , everything changed . I saw that I already reached home but I was shocked to see that I was already present there but as an infant. Then I realised that I actually time travelled and reached the period of past time when I was born . It was just unbelievable for me to accept the surprising event taking place. I was so happy to see my parents taking care of me and how I used to behave in my childhood. After that I wished to see my grandfather when he was alive as I never saw him since my birth . I again tapped upon the upper red button and guess what , I reached my grandfather’s house . Tears of joy were rolling out of my eyes and I was so glad to see him in front of me . I was really grateful to God as he made my wish come true and it was the best gift I got on my birthday that year.

After visiting my grandfather I wanted to see that whether the things that we learn in History are real or fake ? So I further tapped upon the red button in search of Akbar , Maharana Pratap, Netaji and many more emninent popular people of our history.

When I came across Netaji , I was unable to take my eyes off from him . He was a man with such a great personality. I was feeling immense lucky to get a chance to see him in real. After that when I reached the Mughal Empire , I was mesmerized seeing the beautiful monumental structures and artifacts of history. It was such an overwhelming experience for me that day.

After a long time I decided to go back home but was unknown how to reach back. I was so nervous and excited that mistakenly I tapped onto the red upper button again and this time Oh My God! I reached the early age period of history. I saw early mans , dinosaurs and many more animals which are now extinct. I was so scared with the landscape that I really wanted to visit back home then and there. I was having problem to adjust myself with the then climate and surroundings of the past.

I ran back to the rickshaw and then calling God I pressed the lower red button and i found myself back in the temple where I started my journey. Alas ! I reached back home and when I reached I realised that the time between i left my house and the time I actually returned back home was stopped. I shared my experience with my family and friends but none of them believed me and still now they think this to be a fake made story. But I tell you if you get to see such a beautiful red magical rickshaw with red buttons then just press and revisit your past but it’s just that don’t tamper the past as any changes in the past will change the balance in the present and future.

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