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MIYAZAKI; The tale about the most expensive mangoes of the world

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India is the largest producer of the summer favourite- mangoes and the countrymen must be wondering about such a name which they didn’t come across till now. Yes, MIYAZAKI is a breed of mangoes grown in the Kyushu city of Japan due to the favourable climatic conditions over there. A single mango weighs about 350-380 gms and a kilogram of it costs around rupees 2.70 lakh in the international trade market. So to get hold of 3 such ‘Miyazaki mangoes, one has to spend a hefty sum of more than a couple of lakhs.

So what is the speciality that the mango possesses which leads to such a huge worth. As the people are familiar with the likes of Himsagar, Dussehri, Alphonso, Langda, Malda etc, the Miyazaki is something which is beyond all of that. The unique feature of this fruit is the Ruby coloured preface and is commonly called “Eggs of the sun”(in Japanese term; Taiyo-no-Tamago) due to its oval shape and the fiery red glaze that it produces while ripening. To cultivate, it needs adequate warmth, prolonged sunlight and abundant rainfall.

One more quality of this particular fruit is that it is rare in nature and production is confined within the boundaries of Japan, so is the worth entitled to it. This Mango is a type of “irwin’ mango rich in antioxidants and contains beta-carotene and folic acid, which is great for people who need help with tired eyes. It also helps people in aiding the reduced vision that too with 15% high sugar content. It is now the second most produced mango after Okinawa in Japan and is shipped all over Japan.

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