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In relationship to ongoing environmental change and preparing scientific evidence that modern society is stressing its environment in ways that risking its long-term future and the planetary ecological systems. Continuous development is emerging as a critical guiding adjusting structure from the local to the global.However, Nature is critical to our survival because it provides oxygen, controls weather patterns, pollinates crops, and provides food, fibre, and feeds us.But now it is under increasing pressure as human activity has changed nearly 75% of the earth’s surface, crushing wildlife and nature.
Human pressure on the natural world has been increasing since the industrial revolution, leading to global environmental degradation. It was suggested that the ecological crisis is incapable to link with western science, industrial capitalism, and culture based on holy teachings that humans are to dominate nature.
Modernization began with the rapid development of urbanisation. It has been suggested that in recent decades, urbanisation and modernization have become same, and urbanisation has resulted in massive tree cutting to hold a growing population. The outcome is at hand. Every day, massive deforestation occurs in order to meet the demand for free lands on which to build new cities and industrial areas. Deforestation has caused issues such as global warming, which is currently the most pressing environmental concern.
Even so it would be a mistake to believe that environmental gathering have had no impact. Much work has been completed, while at a icy place. But it is also important to remember what this immovable has cost the world, particularly the poor. Every year, the way Delhi and its surrounding areas transform into foggy before winter arrives by global environmental discomfort. That is, for decades, disaster warnings have been issued, and steps have been taken to solve the issue, but the situation remains same.

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