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Necessity: Mother of Invention or Destruction?

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Mahatma Gandhi once quoted “Earth provides enough to satisfy man’s needs, but not every man’s greed.” Standing today in the 22nd century with over 8 billion of the total population on planet Earth we gradually pave our path to our own extinction. Since the origin, mother nature has provided us with every need and want. Being surrounded by the cloud of desires, the greed of humankind gradually started to engulf this wonderful creation of the almighty. If observed from the early days, first the necessity gave birth to the idea of invention. They became the primary solution to the sufferings of mankind. But as said one’s need might end but greed never does, the race for the modernized world started and along with it took the liberty to harm ‘Gaia‘!

Mother nature has provided not only humans but to all living beings in the history of existence with whatever it had for them in store. Be it food, shelter, water, air, and even the very own existence of a single celled bacteria depends on nature. The ample benefits remain uncountable, but on the other hand ‘smartest of all creation’, mankind is not even accountable to care for it. In a survey report it was observed that around only 19% of the total population, round the globe care for nature conservation and protection.

The major reasons for the devastating global warming, large level of pollution and toxicity has one and only reason for the want of the world to move into the realms of modernisation. The global surge to form itself as a modern and established nation and an individual has made it obvious that humans only care for their own greed and not their salvation. As a matter of fact, it was not even a competition that left humans undecided, humans were always blinded by greed and establishment, hence it was always modernized world and only modernized world. But it not late, there’s still time to consider about our mother nature! May be in some corner Gaia is still trying her best to reincarnate her beauty and glory, with one missing ingredient: mankind’s effort!

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