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The magical rickshaw

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Time travel , yes you heard it right time traveling is a superpower we all wished to have once in our lifetime . The science fiction movies keep encouraging our imaginations . I was a fan too, I always thought how great it would be if I could see the pyramids of Egypt spelled out or have known our history directly from our freedom fighters or would have write myself a poem from Rabindranath Tagore…

The day was Sunday, I had just finished an audio story of Professor Shanku, and was thinking that as he had said if I could make a time machine too with those formulas and tools … Suddenly I heard the sound of a rickshaw, as my father came home and I hurried downstairs to have dinner , After coming to my room , I heard the sound of that rickshaw again. This time I leaned out the window and saw this rickshaw, not like the ones in the road . It was a yellow colored 3-wheeler full of wires and buttons. I again hurried to downstairs in search of the driver of that rickshaw but there was no one inside . I couldnt stop myself from riding that rickshaw it was decorated with lights , various buttons and a display . I was very curious about the operations of this vehicle but suddenly I slipped off my seat and my hand touched a big red button and in a blink of an eye the display changed into a window , as i came outside of that rickshaw it was all real but everything around has changed i touched the ground and i couldn’t stop myself to lay on the bed of baby grasses the air was so fresh, there were forests all around and some small cottages i realised it was not only a rickshaw but a time machine and I am overwhelmed to fulfill my dreams i touched the red button and I closed my eyes thinking about our freedom fighters , curious to see them and nurturing history on my own as I opened my eyes ,I was in the middle of a procession as i turned back I saw Gandhi ji holding a stick in hand with those glasses on , it was exactly the same man in our currencies ….. people following him , giving slogans with placards , posters in hand exhausted in scrotching heat ,with bare foots ….I witnessed the struggle they have made for us to be independent today …. Tears rolled down my eyes as i saw the condition of common peoples protesting for food and right . I then reached the rickshaw and again closed my eyes thinking about Rabindranath Tagore and in a glace i reached the majestic palace (Thakurbari ) as i approached to room at the corner of ground floor , the room was all surrounded by books , letters ,diaries , papers it was no doubt where the world famous poet has created such wonderful creations in literature as i turned back hearing some footsteps , I was overwhelmed by his charm he came and sat in front of me but suddenly I heard a noisy ring , I thought it would be any kind of timer or something from the time machine …. I hurried to get out of the room when I heard my mom calling me to wake up as I was being late for school ……alas ! It couldn’t be a dream …i have experienced it ,i have seen and feeled the people in the past . It was already tough for me to believe that it was a dream . But later on I noticed that there were some mud in my dress and my hands too and it was all clear to me now …. Though I shared it all with my family and friends but no one is ready to believe me ,for them it was just a dream but I am sure you guys would believe me … isn’t it ? So if someday you saw a yellow rickshaw with wires and buttons , waiting for you I would suggest to take a deep breath and just ride it on and fulfill your dreams but without harming the past cause some things are meant to be which we cannot change even if we have powers , they are meant to be how they are .

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