The Unstable Mind : What Lies Within?

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Have you ever questioned about your existence? Have you ever questioned about the creation of this world? What makes you curious? What compels you to know about your surroundings? Do you even know who you are? …..

The ‘mind’ as we know is definitely not utopian. Our intuitions, instincts and emotions all submerged into one makes it what it is. Ofcourse emotions occur when flooded hormones decide to go on a long drive. We blame the stupid organs for all the distress while your ‘heart’ is not really responsible for the ‘psychological aches’ you suffer. The mind as we know dwells in three state : Conscious, Subconscious, Unconscious. We spend the majority of our time being conscious. We know that the actions we perform or the words we speak out are done at will and that we are well aware of it. Too unlikely to be day dreaming all day unless you’re struck by a spider or manipulated by some divine angel. The subconscious/unconscious mind is a store house of all your hidden desires which you suppress during your conscience. For eg- You saw a kid enjoying a gulp of chocolate which raised the desire to have one but due to some reason you were unable to fulfill that wish back then but your mind preserves that unsatisfied urge and grants you a glimpse of what you might have actually wanted back then maybe in the form of dreams presented by your unconscious mind and that gives you pleasure even when you’re not experiencing that particular event in reality. The debate between this subconscious and ‘unconscious’ state is a subject of discussion for many psychologists as some believe that both these state are somewhat interrelated as well as unique in nature. Freud believed that while the unconscious mind is largely inaccessible, the contents can sometimes bubble up unexpectedly, such as in dreams or slips of the tongue. The bridge between these two states is hardly noticeable as we can be equally conscious while unconscious and vice versa (Lucid Dreams).

The question lies in the fact what makes us unstable? Why do we try to convince people by saying, “It’s all in your/my mind!” when we don’t really know what someone might be going through at that moment of time. We can hardly introspect our subconscious mind and almost negligible when it comes to unconsciousness. Yet we expect people to cure us from illness which can only healed through the acceptance of reality. “Easy to say than to execute” is an appropriate statement during such circumstances. Before we head on to a conclusion, we need a proper diagnosis. Majority put their mental health at stake cause they don’t know why do they suffer? What’s the exact cause of their disappointment? What leads to this sudden low esteem and lack of confidence? Therefore it is important to identify the root cause of stress before we head on to a solution. Human beings have a tendency to ‘imitate’ people who are termed as so called ‘perfect’. One needs to realise that nobody in this world is perfect and we are absolutely good the way we are. We all are born with certain flaws and the ones who are the genuinely perfect they gain salvation. Yet we don’t try to accept this fact and demean ourselves in the conquest of being the ‘social supreme’ even if that requires unnecessary efforts and overwhelming exaggeration leading to more stress. We should follow the path of ‘Self Actualization’ and always seek to be a better version of ourselves.  The ‘peer pressure’ too is an important factor making our minds unstable. The fear of losing our ‘identity’ and ‘prowess’ to our peers often compels us to do some hilarious tasks which only leaves us with repentance. Peers are important as our mindset and point of view are greatly affected by the people we interact and enjoy spending our valuable time with. People who are highly sensitive will tend to express more only to regret later.

The ‘burden of expectations’ leading to depression, traumas and PTSD are seriously worrisome. Mental health is greatly affected when we fail to meet the expectations of our near and dear ones inspite of all the efforts we put in to reach that goal. As a result people suffer from ‘inferiority complex’ and develop hatred for themselves. This unstable state of mind often leads to serious consequences. One needs to understand their ability and set goals accordingly. Nobody knows you better than ‘you’ do. One needs to be freed from this chain of enslaved mind as it’ll never let you grow and moreover will create a timid picture of ‘you’ to you. Failure as it sounds is not the world’s end and every day is not a ‘Doomsday’. Cherish your dreams even if it looks daunting at present. One needs to remember what is easily gained is never worthy enough. The youth these days specifically teenagers complain of experiencing mental disorders due to failure in love and other academic issues. Maturity is not a cup of tea that you’ll urge someone to be ‘matured’. It’s natural, so is love! The best possible way to handle such scenario is to differentiate between genuine affection and ‘infatuation’. That’ll grant you a clear image of what you should do and how should one proceed. It is unfair to expect someone to care for you exactly the way you do. Psychology understands this need to be loved and to love. There is an appropriate time for everything. If one sorts out their priorities then these problems would appear as small obstacles causing hindrances to their bigger goal in life. Life is not a fairytale and we should always try to figure out the difference bettween reel and reality.

It’s just a couple of weeks left for the ‘World Mental Health Day’ to reappear. Let’s promise and guide our friends and families and give them a sweet reminder:

If you can dream about a beautiful death, why not live beautifully until the end

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